As you may be aware, there is an ongoing legal court case regarding term time unauthorised absence from school. Staffordshire local authority’s has issued interim guidance regarding the issuing of Penalty Notices for unauthorised absence until the outcome of this court case is known. As a Staffordshire school, we HAVE to follow these guidelines. If you are considering taking your child out of school for a holiday please read the local authority guidance below, and come and talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Circumstances where a Penalty Notice may be issued:

· A Penalty Notice can only be issued in cases of unauthorised absence.

· Use of a Penalty Notice or formal warning of a Penalty Notice for unauthorised absence will be restricted to one notice/ warning per parent of a pupil per academic year.

· There will be no limit on the times a Penalty Notice for unauthorised leave of absence can be used in an academic year.

· In cases where there is more than one pupil in a family with unauthorised absences, Penalty Notices may be issued for more than one child.

· The presence of an excluded child in a public place at any time during school hours in the first five days of exclusion.

Penalty Notices may be considered for persistent absence when the following is met:

· There are at least 20 sessions (10 school days) lost due to unauthorised absence during the current and previous term. These absences do not need to be consecutive.

· The Headteacher requests that the Local Authority issue a Penalty Notice to parents, when students are taken out of school for 5 or more day’s holiday or leave of absence without school authorisation.

Penalty Notice for leave of absence (holiday) in term time:

· There must be a minimum of 20 sessions (10 school days) of unauthorised absence from school during the period of two consecutive half terms.

· This absence must include at least 10 sessions of unauthorised leave (holiday). The remaining 10 sessions may relate to other unauthorised absence. The absences do not have to be consecutive.