Behaviour Principles

Our school community is a family, where each member shares the same Christian values. Everyone is valued for their own skills and talents and caring about others is central to our school ethos. Relationships and sense of community underpin our school vision –to be the best we can be. It is a primary aim of All Saints' CE(A) First School that every member of the school community feels valued and respected, and that each person is treated fairly and well.

The school's behaviour policy is therefore designed to support the way in which all members of the school can work together in a supportive way. It aims to promote an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure.

Our values underpin our approach to our behaviour management within school. All members of our school community are encouraged to be:

We do this as part of our Christian, caring community.

The school has a number of rules, but our behaviour policy is not primarily concerned with rule enforcement. It is a means of promoting good relationships, so that people can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn.

The policy should support the school community in aiming to allow everyone to work together in an effective and considerate way.

Our behaviour policy aims to help children grow in a safe and secure environment, and to become positive, responsible and increasingly independent members of the school community.

The school recognises and promotes good behaviour, as it believes that this will develop an ethos of kindness and cooperation. This policy is designed to encourage good behaviour, rather than merely deter anti-social behaviour.

Values and Beliefs

Governors' Statement on:

Screening and searching pupils (including identifying in the school rules items which are banned and which may be searched for)

Use of reasonable force and physical contact

Pastoral care for school staff accused of misconduct

Pupils who display continuous Disruptive Behaviour

You can find our full behaviour policy and guidelines in the 'Policies' section of our website.