Partner School

We are excited to have a link with a school in Kenya.

Some of our teachers have been out to Kimillili, Kenya visiting our partnership school Nyange Primary School. We have also had teachers from Nyange visiting us to help us learn about other cultures.

Nyange Primary school has nearly 600 children on roll. The smallest class contains 64 pupils! The largest class had 240 pupils!!

The school consists of 8 classes. Most of the old mud and timber classrooms have been replaced by brick rooms, but they have no windows and the children collect branches on the way to school to dust the floor each morning.

There is no fresh water on site and the school can only afford to feed one class in school at dinnertime. The rest of the children walk home for dinner. These children are aged from 3 to 14 and some can have a 4km round trip to school twice everyday!

Nyange and ourselves have agreed a partnership project in which children from both schools will write stories based on their own countries culture and traditional tales and we will be sending these to each other for the children to share and enjoy.